Hello! I am thankful you made it to our website and that you are looking for more information about who we are and how we can partner with you to find hope and healing. My name is Eric Suddeath and I am a follower of Christ who also provides counseling to those struggling with individual or relational concerns. 

My role as a counselor is to provide you and your family with support and guidance for the normal and extraordinary ups and downs of life. Counseling is not only for those experiencing crises, but also for anyone struggling to find healing and solutions to the difficult and complex problems they may be facing. 

I have provided individual, couples, and family counseling to multiple populations in a variety of settings including churches, private practice, and community mental health agencies. I am a licensed professional counselor and hold a Ph.D. in counselor education. I am certified in Prepare-Enrich, an assessment for premarital couples, and have completed additional training in working specifically with couples. 

I specialize in working with: 

  • Individuals, couples, and families navigating divorce, remarriage, and becoming a step-family. This includes issues related to co-parenting and how to best support children through the transition of divorce. 

  • Premarital couples

  • Those experiencing difficulties related to spirituality and faith

  • Mood Disorders including anxiety and/or depression

  • Couples and/or families experiencing relationship difficulties

  • Adolescents/teenagers

My approach to counseling includes an integration of cognitive-behavioral, solution-focused, and narrative therapies. The underlying theme in each of these approaches is to help you begin to view yourself and your family members differently. Often, it is the beliefs we hold about ourselves and others that dictate how we feel and behave. I especially find that when people begin to view themselves and one another as God does, healing begins. 

Whatever you may be facing, my goal is to provide you with excellent care that is confidential and judgment free. In this way, I believe counseling taps into one of the most powerful and life changing experiences we can have as human beings--to feel completely cared for by another who knows the things we feel most vulnerable about.